London – Internet Blues

First things first — easyInternet Cafe SUCKS I just wrote at least a page or two and because my INTERNET time expired the PC REBOOTED! FUCIN rediculousness. That’s the stupidest option to incorporate into a station… kill the access sure, but reboot the PC!? WTF! Ugh… sigh. So, retyping I’ll try to redo what I did not 5 minutes ago.

Flight here: A stupid kid kept kicking the back of my chair. Kid iritating. Me found a way to sleep. Wanted to hit kid with mother holding him. Mom inconsiderate. Me was pissed. Me wanted to go Hulk on her and him because this was mean. Hulk stayed in. Me not let Hulk out. Hulk not SMASH.


Betrayal: A man, his wife, and his best friend. Seems simple enough right? Riiiiight. Well if you find out at the beginning of the play that the best friend and the wife have been involved in more ways than lunch friends… well, you’ll be hooked. The tension held within many pauses during the play may make you want to yell out to them to ‘just say it already!’ You’ll go on a ride back into their pasts but not in the way you’re going to expect. = ) See it, you’ll be happy you did.

The Pillow Man: OH MY GOD MODE! This play kicked the every lovin blue eyed things ass! Holy chocolate cows batman! If you get a chance to SEE or READ this play as soon as you can. It’s not for the sqeemish mind you. Two, possibly three children are killed in seriously brutal ways that may make you want to walk out. I know this because two people walked out about 15 minutes into the play. Of course, because my seat was on the side, I moved to one of the seats at the first available moment. = ) Heeheh. I HAD to get closer to the stage for the second act. It was so good! I’d like to see it again but I have a serious worry about the set and the acting. Both really were HOLY MAMAMIA WHERE’D YOU GET THAT SCARF WOW! Th’eriouth’ly yo.


Philp and Anri’s place in Bristol. I’ll have to write this later because easyInternet Cafe SUCKS and lost what I wrote before. God damnnit. Ugh… Lemme try the brief version JIC I forgot: Philip called at 9 AM, I took the train from Paddington Station to Bristol (2 hours), had lunch, saw various parts of Bristol with the both of them, froze while walking around, had hot cocoa in a coffee shop that closed at 6 PM (WTF? – Dunno,WTF!), took the train back to Paddington then the tube back home. End Game. Game, Set, match.(More later? Ah I have no bloody clue) Bullocks!


Went to Westminster Abby and found out that CHARLES DARWIN is buried there! HA! Kick ass indeed yea yea! Darwin… ha! It was a day with Bob and Erik in and around the lil ol town of London where we found that the weather was SURPRISINGLY cloudy and rainy. Who’da thunk huh. = )

01-05-2004 01:28 pm

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