London – Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!


Jerry Springer the Opera: Rated OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY JUST DID THAT! Want to see the KKK tap dance? No? How about someone sing “Mama gimme smack on the asshole!” No still? Well, you will hear “This is my Jerry Springer Moment!” because I can’t see how this play won’t be brought to the US. It’s all about the 15 minutes of fame baby and we’ve seen plenty of people clammer over one another just to get it. This thing will definitely piss off the church so be ready!


Cambridge: Smaller than London and nice place to school I’m thinking. There were at least, i think, 4 universities in and around the area I walked. And WOW were the campuses beautiful! I wondered where I would be or what I would be like had I even considered going to school in the UK for my Uni days. Hmmmmm… I’ll never know, but it is an idea to offer up to others when they’re thinking about it.


North Hampton Shire: YO! I saw a VILLAGE! A village where there used to be only ONE telephone booth for EVERYONE! SO FRIGGIN COOL!

01-12-2004 09:59 am

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