London – So it begins

I CAN READ EVERYTHING!!!!!! It’s amazing! I. Can. Read. Everything! I’m not able to understand everyone depending on certain accents and all… but I CAN read EVERYTHING! It’s so cool! I can walk into a store and ask for help… and then… understand the answer! Hahah!

So today I went to a few places but not one important one – the grocery store. It closed at 10pm. Ugh. Anyhow… I DID go to the National Theater and went on a tour which I throughly enjoyed. After that I grabbed a bit to eat (read a slice of pizza) where I had to hand a gentleman a casino like chip (green with 1/4 on it) before I could get my slice of pizza. Then, when I asked for some parmessan(SP!) they brought out a tub! HAHA!

From there… hehehehe, I went to… the…. curious yet? To the… this was so cool… THE GLOBE! Damn straight! Ol’ Billy boys stomping ground! I sooooooooo wished that we could at LEAST stand on the stage despite the fact that there was no audience. As if I would really care!? What a feeling it was though. OH YEA! I was in THE (THE!) GLOBE! Giddy I be.

Okay so dinner was at Starbucks and it consisted of a muffin and a hot cocoa… so what. I got to see LES LIASONS DANGEREUSES at the Playhouse Theatre. All in all… it was okay. Slow in parts and a little overly dramatic too often. If you know the play you’ll understand. OH! Programs are purchased here in the UK – there is no PLAYBILL. BUT! The program has historical info about the play, the theater, and the playwrite. Very cool.

Alright I’m at Kinko’s and this is expensive so if you want to call me… keep thinking about that. = O I’ll get the number and post it in the next day or two. Heh. Sorry bout that mate. Off I go to find some food for the AM and yes, for this eve. I need a lil bite. Cheers peeps.

01-02-2004 06:31 pm

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