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What I can remember…

So the Brits want to:
Detox their bodies – Yea. This is a new one to me, but I have a strange feeling that it’ll end up in the US soon enough. Fasting is another way to describe the act. Someone cuts out pretty much all the additive foods from their life for a month to purify their body. Ex: caffine, sugar, etc. NOT EASY! It’s all over the place though. Simple packets in stores to clean ya out from the inside as well as chances to have TV shows put you through a week or day long detox session. Wild stuff… watch for it.

Stay awake as long as possible – Shattered. Some people are staying awake (with minimal allowed sleeping time – as in 3 minutes after a designated time has passed. The people on the LIVE SHOW then talk about what’s happening and what they’d like to do with their money. Um… bored yet? NO?! Watch the show for 10 minutes and you WILL be. It’s awful. If the show was editted AFTER the show was completed it’d probably be pretty rockin to watch. But LIVE? Enh enh. No no no no NO.

Look left, right, or both ways – At nearly EVERY intersection you will see ‘look left look right’, or ‘look both ways’ so you don’t walk out into the street and get hit by a car, truck, etc. !!!!!!!!!!! YES nearly EVERY intersection. I even saw this stuff in Cambridge and Bristol. It was really cool for we newbies to the UK world I’ll tell ya! Another thought I had on this idea is… it’s quite difficult to know which way a car is coming from because not every street is two way. Actually, many of the side roads are one way only. Guess them Brits got some magic grits after all. = ) Smart thinkin.

Clear up the traffic problem by driving slower… by driving in a lower gear – I’m not going to elaborate on this too much because it’s just rediculous and was laughed at by pretty much everyone. Though I’m not kidding that it WAS suggested on TV one morning while they discussed the traffic in London. (shaking head) Anri (Philip’s wife) told me a study was done and learned that traffic in the city is as fast as the horse and buggy days. Now THAT’s progress! Heh

Roomies: Bob, Emily, Dani3l, and Brian (for a few days)

That’s listed in order of appearance. = ) As well as my memory recalls the order at least. Bob (hello Bob) is very easy to talk to, as our lengthy conversation on politics proved one night. I’m looking forward to his directed piece for many reasons. Also he’s top o the top with knowledge of NY and the theater world there. Quite the impressive resume, but you’d never know if you met him.

Emily (hello Emily) She’s the only one that’s asked me WHY I hadn’t written about her. Well I’m writing about you now woman! NYA! So there! Emily is w3rd up yo. Yea, that’s a 3 in there… no it’s not because Dani3l has a 3 in his name that I use the 3 boys and girls. Her humor is very refreshing along with her energy and knowledge of theater and those involved in the world. She’s a good one she is. W3rd yo.

Dani3l (hello Dani3l with a 3) is Red Hat boy. I did not know until I got here and then wondered if he actually was. Answer – NOPE. All this time I was led to believe by other people that he was in fact a Linux geek when he’s just a dude. = ) Totally easy to get along with and… hehehe… he’s got an understanding of D&D and White Wolf. ROCK!

Brian (hello Brian) and I clicked the other night when we started talking about the one person that brings EVERYONE together — Dave Mustaine. Quite into the metal scene which we shared many a memory of for quite some time. = ) I also learned of Brian’s commitment to helping people when a discussion about security at SLC came up one night. You’re a good man Charlie Brown.

I need to get some sleep and pack now. It’s 11:29 and I’m still out and about after Taming of the Shrew – not good.


01-14-2004 06:35 pm

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