London – Z Land Time


TADA! I slept some I did! Well, after visiting Sir John Soane’s Museum. BT… YOU need to see this place. Why? It’s the home you’ve described to me many many MANY times before. Dude, seriously, you need to see this place. I was amazed at the varied collections of Greek sculptures, to paintings, to other historical memorabilia. Yimminy!

After that I slept for about 2 hours because I was wasted. Tonight is another show – A Woman of No Importance by Oscar Wilde – and another visit to… well I don’t know yet. I do know I’m happily sitting in an Internet cafe that’s only 1 pound/hour which kicks ass compared to every other Internet cafe I’ve visited. W3rd. I’m off to explore. Hope the snow isn’t weighing to heavily on any of ya. chichichi-a

01-07-2004 12:12 pm

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