LotR DVD Mania & Tempurpedic

12/16. It will be a great day in movie history. I smile on the inside when I think about it. )happy sigh( Ahhhhh. = )

Before that day though I thought it best to watch all the behind the scenes footage on the LotR DVD collection in my possession. the TT DVD was tantilizing while the FotR:EE has more than I could hope for. While watching part of the WETA WORKSHOP section of the DVD… bad gp… I fell asleep. Bad fan boy. Bad fan boy.

My aim is to watch all the extras from both EE DVDs before RotK is released. I think I can, I think I can, I must!

And other local news )beep dididi beep beep beep beep beep dididi beep beep( I ordered a TEMPURPEDIC BED! OMG. I’m kinda still in shock that I ordered it. I’ve been planning on it for months now… but I did it. I really did it. My first home furnishing purchase, truly! WOOO! So in two weeks-ish I’ll provide my report as to how AMAZING it really is.

So excited. So excited. So excited.

I go away now.

11-20-2003 09:39 am

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