March 1998 – email10

Additional stuff about the game… after thought. ouch.. did that hurt?

From: Gary Ploski  
3/16/98 7:29
Subject: XEROX SUPER CUP Jubilo Iwata vs. Kashima Antlers
To: you, me and joe

Something I want to add about the intensity of the game from point of view as a fan….

        The intensity that was there, was very little compared to what I’ve expienerced at various games in the states. At the end of the game when the team was walking around the pitch people were clapping and shouting…. but it just wasn’t “LOUD!!!!!!!”, it was “loud”.  Not the best way to expierence a SEASON winning game in my opinion. It wasn’t “YEEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH  WWWWWAAAAHHOOOOOO WE WON!!! WE WON!!!!” and various other screams praising their team. It was kinda like “YEEAAhhhh way to go guys. Nicely done. Waahhooo. Let’s do our best again next year.” yeah.

        Thought I’d add that bit because I felt it was a bit important to my overall impression of the game. with that… have a crazy day. ciao cito

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