March 1998 – email12

Orientation??? Already? But how could this be? Ohhh yeah, it’s a different orientation. D’oh! another faux paus commited. Damn those Gergens Soap commercials. he he…. TPU baby!! All the way!

From: Gary Ploski
3/24/98 1:50
Subject: TPU Pre-Orientation

How’d it get out?!?! ohh man! who got it? Guys are gonna freak out when they see this one girl! She’s talllll and has looooooong legs. I wich I was there to see all the reactions of the japanese, american, and every other guy… it’d be hillarious. It’s be funny — trip tripppp tripp. get oFF ME DUDE!  : ) hahahaha. dewa

        The day was pretty cool. Kaz and I got lost on the campus on to find out we started out where we needed to go! D’oh! Kinda funny. We were roamin’ froshs at a school that wasn’t ours… funn-ness. The presentations were GET THIS!!! …. boring! Can you believe it!? Something you will see when all the students arrive is that they will ALL have a lap top, like last years group. It’s a requirement for the students to bring one with to the states! CRAZY! Nobody was screaming bloody murder or anything… especially when the guy jumped from the top of the building next door.

        Like I said the speeches were boring. Forgot to tell ya this part… they were long to! ha! crazy looong and boring. Hmm, sounds like an orientation to me. YUPPERS! things iz funny funny sometimes. Kaz, Hisae and I made presentations to the group of happy go lucky – NOT – mom’s, dad’s, and in some cases, pitbulls to attack the man forcing the kids to bring a computer! They were vicious! One got to me, paused and just made some sort of noise that sounded like a laugh… Guess it realized I wasn’t Japanese. : )

        I did my usual, WAKE EVERYBODY UP presentation. Miayamoto was very impressed! I’m verrrrrry happpppppy about that. heheheheheheh ehehehehe heheheh eehe heheheheheheh. Life can be fun sometimes, or as often as you make it so, which, hell, could be everyday! Nah… everybody needs a day (or an hour) to themselves – sometimes. Just make sure your not Japanese and that damn Pitbull isn’t around!

        Kazi, Hisae and I went to Karaoke and it was a kick asss time! On the way there Kazi was reading a manga (comic) and hisae and I got caught up on a bunch of stuff. It was very very cool! She’s here until the end of April. Unfortunately she’s here now because her father died … at the age of 47! That’s soooo young! Somthing to do with the heart. So sad.

        Dewa.. Thought I’d say thanks, so… “thanks.” Glad to hear the trip up was better was better than the trip down. ALSO I’m glad you got to chat with Carrie in person. That must’ve been very very very cool! Light up the BBQ! it’s carr-dog time! OHHHH yeahh, she’s cookin up her speacial blend of stew and chopped liver with a touch of sherbert ice creammmm…… thoughts about that….. OH MAN THAT’S DISGUSTING! oy ve! with that… have a crazy day. ciao cito

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