March 1998 – email13

It looms in the closet… well, that’s if it’s lost. Yes the nail buffer found it’s way out this time and it’s been… dare I say it… No i dare NOT! Japanese classes have found their way into my heart and I fell oh so loved. yeah, right. I found out how to use some particles and such… that’s about all. Kazi and Hisae show up in this email! OHHH NOOO!!! Not the peanut butter dragon again! Ohhh man! He flipped 15 trains over last time he came out to play… Guess where I am…. ping pong — JPN. 

From: Gary Ploski
3/29/98 13:31
Subject: boo
To: April Harvey

What up crazy lady. How’s you doin? I heard you fell off of a horse…. what happened? Musta been a wild ride. Dawn told me that you hurt your hip. bummer bummer bummer. Yikes babe. I’z a bit surprised, as I think you are as well. On to the next ride….

        Things over here have been pretty cool. Both classes this week went pretty well. I got an 81 on my written test. I made stupid mistakes. Bummer…. oh well. And I finally understand “e”, “ni”, “de” and “ga”!!! WAAHHOOOO!!! Well I think I completely understand them. Only practice will tell and I’ve been trying to practice it as much as possible now that I’m not surounded by English teachers. Yippee ka yoo.

        I finally got to that Sword Museum. It was tinnnnnny. Hisae and I went on Thursday and spent about 30min in the museum. We took a while looking at each sword…. they pretty much looked the same to us. I’d need to study a bit more before I could get a lot out of that museum. Lots and lots of blades. EEWWwwwwwwwwww. swooooosh. woah, better be careful. hehehe.

        We then went to a PINGU EXHIBIT! There were kids EVERYWHERE. All the t.v.’s were at eye level for ppl at or about the height of munchkins, basically….. kids. It ws pretty cool to see how the show was made. MADDDDDD Pingu’s are needed to make an episode. It’s quite impressive. Pingu is absolutely huge here. Apparently the exhibit was here a year or two ago as well. How about that. cool stuff.

        Today Kazi, Hisae and I went to Kawagoe to hang out and just B.S. for a while. I introduced them to Frostee’s. We had gone into Wendy’s and I asked Kazi to order me a Frostee and he replied with “A what?” I told him where to look and he and Hisae were both wondering what the hell I was asking for…. It was pretty funny. I enjoyed the moment or about …. well, a moment. : )

        After that we did the karaoke thang for an hour cause Hisae had to go home to a bday party. Kazi headed back home to do “stuff”, as he put it. And I cam home trying to finish a book entitled “100 Tough Questions for Japan”. I finished it and am quite impressed with the answers. Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why * 10. That’s right, my curiosity was quenched for a little while longer…. Next book.. A book very simliar to this one but it focuses on the innner workings of Japanese life. Economy, land, foods, etc… Cool stuff and it’s quick reading. yowzas!

        I’m chillin out and thought I’d tell you of the past few days. Stress is mounting with the fam. They can’t give me answers, decisive answers. I’m refering to “yes” and “no”. It’s well maybe and umm i guess… stuff. AH!HH!H!H!H!!H

        On a lighter note…. Kazi seems to be doing well. He’s busy, but isn’t freaked out mentally, only time consuming stuff. I’z glad to hear that. He was pretty light hearted today, i liked. Stress hasn’t taxed him to the point of exhaustion like last year. YEAH!!!  He’s smilin!! Crazy times over here. The rate of the yen to dollar is: 130-1, boooooo!!!

        Hey there. Hey hey hey…. you there? just checking. …. b…bb….bbboo..boooooo! Japanese television is pretty commical… People are just trying their damndist to be “cute” in any way possible. It’s kinda funny. Ohh to laugh…. i’z tooo easy. and then it goes to technology…. Mastering the stuff they are. DAMN!!! I’ve just seen some incredible things that will be in the market soon. Wow…

        Stupid fact… My nails are shiny now. With that…. I bid you a god crazy fun filled day in the sun. THat is… if there is sun to fill the day. HEY on the way… ciao cito babe.

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