March 1998 – email14

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. About 4 man (mahn) worth! Yokata yo!!! Lucky duck… quack. get outta here! This is an email into… quack quack quack quack quack quack. souinfajnv ozfnva vjaflzv ao rgjnao got em out. That was tough. Oh yeah… a little bit about the VIDEO w/ or w/o the cherry trees…. what could happen? no-body-knows….. 

From: Gary Ploski
3/31/98 1:16
Subject: KICCKKKK ASS!!!
To: April Harvey

I just brought in my change….. All of it excluding the 500 yen coins… AND WAHOOO!!!!! KIICCKKK AASSSSS!!!!!!! Philip and I decided to bring our stuff in and DAMNNN!N!!!!! WWAHHOOO Yippe ki yeah! I got looootttttttts of numbers put into my bank book.

        Indeed I must say that this will pay for LOTS of my trip with the fam! It’s true what they say… If you don’t spend that $2 a day or whatever you have left over at the end of the day it adds up quick!! Hot DAMN!!!! I’ve got more than 4 mAn to go toward my trip! YIIIPPPEEE! Yes indeedy that’s (at a $1-100yen) about $400 dollars!!! And it’ll go directly toward my train stuff!!! Soooooo, it’s not going to lose any value! Rock it! Livin large! Kuuu kuuu baaa yoooo. or something.

        I’z just rally pleazed I must say. Rally pleazed. : )  hehehe. Guess I had a lot in that empty bottle of pepsi. hahaha. It’s alllll good. Good things come in time ne. : )    Well’s I’m off to make a video with Philip for the new AET’s and ourselves. It’ll be about an hour with lotssss of stuff. Asaka (CH, school grounds, teachers, students, seiyu, some trees {are there any?} the station map and prices) Asaka-dai (Mos Burger, KARAOKE!!!) Shinjuku and Ikebukuro at night. Philips Band stuff, my Iaido stuff, Liz’s …. uh, what hasn’t she done?  Background – Liz has done about 15 different things since she’s arrived in Asaka not staying with one thing for, what appears to have been a month. It’s realllllly funny.

        Interview of ourselves and Watanabe and dah dah dahhhhh, our apartments. The fun stuff. You know we’ll clean em before we film em. : )   That’s the basics of the video. Yeah we’ll show the infamous Sakura Trees (Cherry Blossoms) … for about 3 secs. “Eww, look there’s the … ohhh sorry no more time.”  We’re pretty excited about being able to make the video. Its not gonna be 3 videos (what philip received frmo Nancy before he came here — all of there FULL of footage) or 2-3 hours like the video Liz and I received (fulll of trees and trees and students trying to dress) NO!

        It’ll be quick to the point and that’s about it. Here’s what you’ll see…. rewind it if you want to see it again. : >  THat’s the wrap.. with that… tou. have a crazy day, crazy lady. ciao cito

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