March 1998 – email2

My kitchen table can speak!!! Get a load of that! Questions about another package…. gee I’m lucky. REDICULOUS PRICES TO SEND THINGS HOME!!!!! Photo time! 6 4 smile! and so on…. From: Gary Ploski

3/5/98 0:46 Subject: 1 of 2 To: April Harvey

things is going to happen. 1- you’ll sign on as I type this. That’s the probable thing that will happen. 2- you won’t. wild stuff huh.

        Question(s) – Did you send out the package with the ‘tape’ and the print club? If so when did you send it?  If you haven’t could you include the thing that hiyori had told you and sarah about? It was regarding something like – 2 class or 2 grade. I don’t remember what you crazy people said. Let me know after you read this stuff.

        Get this babe. I’m almost finished with yet another book(The Salaryman’s wife). This one is 400 something pages. I got it about 3 weeks ago and have been reading it a little bit at a time on the train and at school. I’m really into the story. This is quite a cool thing. It only took me about 22 years but I got to the point where I can actually enjoy this reading thing. How about that.

        Vball – I found out today that there hasn’t been practice for the past 2 weeks! Nobody told me! I found out today cause I went in to the office to talk to Watanabe about the kotatsu stuff. I think I’m gonna go with FedEx. It’ll cost about 50,500 yen. It’s not cheap, it’s not rediculously expensive, I can trust the service, it’s all good. Gotta get it home somehow. How about the fun, let em have it! Boom!

        Eye lids – HOLY HEAVY! I have not been doing my body right for, maybe, the past month or so. How’s that? I’ve been doing lots and lots and lots. During the late evening I’m trying to sort out stuff in the apt. and during the early eve I’m usually out doing something. I ironed about 8 shirts and 2 pair of pants over the past two nights, as well as 2 loads of laundry, and attempting to decongest the kitchen table. It’s been hit hard!!! It’s hurtin’ “I hurt!”, it says. : )

        Looks like #2 has happened. I’ve got to get some sleep. If your not on by 1 you’ll know where I am — dreamland. Hope you had a good sleep. I didn’t call to wake you up becase I wanted you to get your sleep. Sounds like people have been using your time more than you have. What an interesting thought. Alrighty babe. I’m thinking of you as I sit and look at your pictures. What pictures you ask? the pics fot the album.

        I finally finished the section in the photo album that dealt with your trip over here. Now I’ve only got about 30 pictures to sort through and put in to the album. Yeah!  Chat with ya lata. DOU. have splendid. ciao cito

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