March 1998 – email4

**singing**Dreeeeaaaaam dream dream dream. Dreeeeaaaaam ……. : )

From: Gary Ploski
Subject: sad dream
To: April Harvey

I don’t remember who I was with but they were a little sympathetic toward my feelings. I was somewhere near Narita Airport. We had just fininshed browsing around and it was getting close to ‘the’ time. I think we had also been to a party. I don’t remember, bummer.

        As I realized where I was I thought of going home first to get some stuff, but that wouldn’t work I only had about 15min. to get to the airport. Like I said I was near the airport at this point. We walked around and I was trying to figure out how to get there… about ten steps later I was in a combined departo/airport. I was just outside the airport entrance when I realized I only had 1000 yen on me. Problem.

        I decided to go up to an employee to ask where some ATM’s were located. There were 2 ppl behind the counter and I asked one of the men where to go. He said he didn’t know where ANY ATM’s could be found. (AHH!!)  I began crying asking for any amoung of help other than none. I asked him to call the police and he did. ALl he did was point and I was on my way.

        My ‘friend’ and I ran to an area that looked familiar to me. There was an open ATM! YES! As I ran toward it my ‘friend’ held onto my bag and walked me toward it. Suddenly the gate was closing on the ATM. I ran and he held fast. As I got near the ATM I tried to throw my bag into the opening so it would stay open, but that was not going to happen. My friend had held onto the bag with such force I could barely moce the bag. The ATM shut and I began crying again beacuse I could get into the airport to greet you and also we wouldn’t be able to go back home until the next morning.

        I woke up and felt my mouth and realized it was tight because I was so frustrated in my dream. I didn’t like the dream, but the good thing is that I had no problems when I saw you at the airport… pheeww. hope you have a aplendidi. ciao cito. DOU – truly I did.

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