March 1998 – email6

A short message to Alice telling her about all the normal things that happen when you pry open a can of sushi. Yes indeed a can of sushi, didn’t think it was possible did you? Hey, anything is possible. How about pre-cut bread? Not sliced… the crust is cut off and sold all wrapped nice and neat. How about DIGESTIBLE CRACKERS, that’s the name of the cracker. GOtta love it.. Oh by the way, the sushi thing — it’s REALly not true. : ) 

From: Gary Ploski  
3/8/98  12:13
Subject: Re: hey there!
To: Alice Alarcon

Kaz like message:  Hey what’s up. I’m workin’ and i want a vacation. bye.

        Did I get that right?  : )   He is such a time pressed dude. It’s really rediculous how much time the people of Japan put into their work. They don’t get the chance to have a reasonably ‘normal’ family. Always out with co-workers is the man of the home. Cooking, cleaning, gossiping, etc is the woman of the home. She also takes care of the child if there is a child or children if that be the case. It’s nuts! I no like.

        Things is good 4 u? I hope so. Mid-terms coming up soon? I’ll bet your soooo excited for those frun things to start. right? right. right! hehehehe. I’m going to have fun today — CLEANING DAY. YEahhhh I love cleaning day. THe doors are open and Billie Myers is playing on the mini mini Aiwa system. She sings “Kiss the Rain”. It’s a very good disc. I’m very impressed with her usage of words. For Ex… Kiss the rain … that’s pretty. It’s not rude or obnoxious, but it get the point across that she want him to be faithful and think of her. I like. hello? can you hear me? am i getting through to you? hello? is it late there? there’s a laughter on the line? are you sure your there alone? cause Im trying to explain that there’s something wrong…. kiss the rain.. wait for the dawn. were under the same sky.  if you feel you cant wait till morning Kiss the rain.

        A sample for you as it plays… SOrry I cant type as fast as she’s singing it. check it out. have a crazy. ciao cito

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