March 1998 – email7

A running theme at the moment.. Rille isn’t online : (  Not kewl, not gewd, just not. A fun story of how one should not acquire a CD. Yes, how not to acquire a CD…..Lead by example I guess. 
From: Gary Ploski   
3/9/98 1:08
Subject: I was hoping
To: April Harvey

you were going to sign on this eve/morn, but it appears that hope will not be realized… : \  bummer.

        I bought a pretty cool disc the other day. Actually I bought 3. One SUCKS! It’s a single and it said that it had the song “do a little dance. make a little noise.” from the Bud commercials, but it was just a clip put into a dance dong. Bummer.

        The second Disc I bought was Billie Myers. It’s awesome! She write some truly beautiful lyrics/poetry. I’m very pleased I bought this disc. I’ve been listening to it for the past two days…. except for about 2 hours this eve(sun). Below is the annoying story about the 3rd disc. You’ll like the ending.

        I saw a disk among TONS of discs and thought “No way!? Do it have the tune I like on it?!?// does it? does it? ROCK ON! IT does!” SO I check it with the two other discs on the shelf and decide to buy the first one I looked at becuse it was the only one that had THE song I liked. I bought it and crumpled up the receipt, then putting it into my pocket. Note: I never do that.

        I got off the train and walked down the stairs of the train station and tossed the crumpled up receipt toward the garbage and saw it bounce off the bars going across the top. They are there so people don’t throw in cans. I thought “ big deal. I don’t need it.” Note: Yeah RIGHT.

        Upon arriving at the apt I put the 1st disc in and was very excited to hear the “BUD” song. Listened to the first three mixes and turned it off deciding that I wanted to hear THE song. I put in the disc and thought the vocalist sounded a bit strange, but since I am not very familiar with her (hint) other songs I let it play and began working on my savings plan. Trying to determine how much I can save… About 30 minutes later I was throughly confused. I looked at the track number, #12, and got a little upset.

        I looked at the disc case and found the song I wanted to hear and hit rewind until the number was on the display. Listened…… “what the hell is this? how about the other song?”  click click… Listened…… “What the fuck!? This is NAME! What the hell!?”   Phone call — G-Kazi the cd I bought has the wrong music on it… K-…still have your receipt gar? G- No I tossed it…. K-You need it…. G-FUCK! GO DAMN!

        I then stormed out of the apt hoping I could find the receipt which I had tossed. “Of alll the times,” I thought. I arrived at the bin and was luck that a ton of people were not there. I looked and saw a piece of paper between the guards… “Is that it?”  *swoosh* I grabbed it. …. gum wrapped in a piece of paper — nope. How about behind the bin…maybe it didn’t fall in… it didn’t look like it had fallen in… Looking… A piece of paper and a cigarette. “PLEASE!!!!!” I thought a few hundred times within those 8 seconds that it took me to move around the bin and move it so I could look and check.

        I reach and grab it… “this is it… I know it!” I felt the same as the piece of paper that I had in my pocket from Ikebukuro. I opened it and……….. and …….. and… “coool!” It was the receipt. I could return the cd. Next day….

        I go to return the cd and ask in JPN “Do you speak English?” Reponce with a very visual gesture implying something negative… “No, sorry.” I break in with my fantastically superb 6 month old JPN (i’m refering to age not the amoung of months I’ve been here. : >  ) He UNDERSTOOD! It took me about 10 minutes to exlpain it to Kazi — in ENGLISH!!!

        He went to look for it on the shelf – they didn’t have it. “How about the HMV in Shinjuku?” I asked. “Hold on one moment” After he called all the other HMV’s in the area he called Shinjuku and BAMB they had it! COOOOL! I got my money back and headed off to shinjuku. My name and telephone number would be the proof of my identity. Yeah what a great thing to speak 6 month old JPN.

        I arrive in Shinjuku HMV and go up to the counter and ask if the gentleman speaks English. “Very little” was his reply in English. “YES!” was my thought. I spoke in very simple English. Exlcuging all those a’s and an’s etc.. He grabs the cd, shows it to me, I concure that it’s correct, then and I pay.

        “May I listen to it to test it?” the other one was strangly wrong, who knew about this one. “No. Sorry.” he replied. He then began reading the card that was with the CD and stopped me and said you can listen to it. “YESSSSS!” again that same thought, what a a great thought. I ask for track 6 and listen…… “YESSSS!” again.

        I left HMV and returned home to listen to the disc that took me two days to get. I put it in and turn it up a bit. “Yes yes yes!!! Cooool! It’s even live! Rock on!” I go to the next track and listen… “cooooooooool” Happy as could be at that moment. Now after all that what cd could I be talking about? WHat’s your guess? Please guess and then tell me if you were honestly correct.

        Guess time.            

        Okay the track was ……… #6 – Animal Crackers off the disc The Best of Melanie. I found it and couldn’t pass it up. I’ve got your “brand new key” and don’t tell ‘ma what they’ve done to my song.’ Yes indeedy babe, I found it, hahaha. with that, I’m goin to send this and hope to hear something (substantial) at all from you. GET BETTER!!!! GO to the doc again, get some medication, tell everybody to leave you alone for a day so you can get better. AHHHHHHHHHHH. “Stop the insanity” hehehehe. Get better babe. ciao cito

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