March 2002 – 03/01-08/2002

Upcoming events make ppl happy

It’s official, I will be in Japan for 10 days with 3 of my Uni. friends. BT, YB, and PM have all confirmed their interest and their dedication to taking the time off needed. Gents it’s going to be a blast. Aki-habara here we come!

Okay, a certain group has released a certain impressive CD that you certainly need to include in your CD collection. That group, why none other than Dream Theater. GO BUY IT NOW. Oh? No money? Get it for your B-day or Easter, it’s coming up soon.

In my opinion the best song it "The Great Debate" – this is only after a little more then 3 weeks though so that may change. They took the STEM CELL debate and created a well balanced song of yea’s and nea’s. If you’ve never heard of Dream Theater you need to WAKE UP! They’re without a doubt one of the greatest groups to assemble.

On the theatrical front I saw ‘Brotherhood of the Wolf" – A nice piece of cinema, but to me it felt as though the director had a little too much fun with the slow motion and fast motion. It distracted me from the film numerous times. Regarding the twists and turns this film does a nice job of keeping you on your toes. For those that like to predict films, this should be on your list to see. I’d recommend seeing it on the large screen but at the matinee price. There are some very nice visuals that can only be appreciated on the large screen. The soundtrack didn’t stand out to the constant distractions, though the music did not distract me from the film. I guess that says something for the score.

This is turning into a long post. = ) For the past couple weeks, someone I’ll refer to as ‘5-gatsu’, has found their way into my day to day life. Who is ‘5-gatsu’ and why am I refering to them as ‘5-gatsu’? Well, that’s for me to know. Once again, I’m not giving all the juicy gossip away online. HELL NO. As I was, I’m moving along cautiously with ‘5-gatsu’ due to personal reasons. They’re a pleasure to hang out with and have had many a funny thing to say. We shall see what happens we will…

SPRINT PCS vs. VERIZON — the victor —- VERIZON! Easily winning hands down Verizon has proved that dropped calls are not supposed to be a normal day to da activity. Improving their network to 1X capabilities, a plethora of online information, and greater customer support – Verizon has proven to be the better of the two. My roomie has recently moved to Cingular from Sprint as well. My suggestion to Sprint — less advertising, more network development. = ) Just a thought of course.

Hmm, anything else I may hace missed? Like you’d know. If I did, I did, I’m going to try cleaning up my site right now. I’ve got a little over an hour before rehearsal. Or should I practice my song for class. DAMN What to do what to do…<- meaning -> out

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