March 2002 – 03/27/2002


To begin with – I’m happy. Yes, I’m bloody happy and you can sod off if you think I’m lying. Done soding off yet? Fine, bullocks to you.

Happy. That I am. Why? Because I decided to be. Seriously it’s that friggin simple. This past weekend I hung out with a friend of mine – JC – and we had some interesting chats as well as some not so interesting chats. I think the former took place more than the later – anyway as relevance drives itself off the cliff plummeting into a school bus filled with children on their way home from Santa’s Workshop… I digress.

I’m filled with glee. Sadly, others in my life are not in such a shape. To them I do feel sympathy and empathy as there are certain issues I know very little about. ‘The door’ and I spoke the other day. What the hell happened? Since I decided to be happy after this weekend, all I could do was cheer her up. And get this, I did. Go me. )))RA RA RA((( That’s the cheerleaders I paid for with my allowance from last week. Seriously, I even struck a chord – D minor for those musically learn-ed out there – with her regarding her situation in life. I ‘know what she’s feeling better than those around her even though they know more about what is happening in’ her life. How? Why? Damnnit I’m a minor deity. )))RA RA RA((( Heh, pick one of this packs of cheerleaders up if you get the chance they make mental purging quite entertaining. Honestly, we have a certain affinity with each other allowing such a thing to happen both ways. She’s done the same to me on more than one occasion. So, yea, the chat was pretty fun. = )

On another note, ‘5-gatsu’ and I spoke about what has been happening over the past few weeks… Without writing about all the details as I promised I wouldn’t speak of what we discussed I can say a few things. We all need to make choices in our lives about our future. ‘5-gatsu’ is in such a position and has found each rung on the rope to be difficult, if not impossible to reach. Something which I will understand and you, the reader, will not relates to my ability to ‘read’ people when in situations. I felt that something was wrong when ‘5-gatsu’ and I hung out over the past few weeks and my thought, feeling, intuition was dead on. ‘5-gatsu’, sing along with me "everything’s gonna be all right now"

And yes, the best part of all – work. Haha, work. As I told someone I’m working with I have a new philosophy at work. That philosophy? Well it goes like this: Since I’m working, I’ll just work. When I leave, I don’t think about work. Ahhh. I usually use a visual too with a quote: "Whatever I need to do…"

^ ^

Yea, I’m happy and it feels good. It’s about that time that I ‘let the anvils ring’ (The Animaniacs – for those Animaniac challenged) Friend, foe, universal entity I wish unto thee nothing but a good old fashioned emotion for you — SQUEEEEE…<- meaning -> out

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