March 2002 – 03/31/2002

Movie Magic

The past few days I’ve seen more movies than I’ve seen in a month I think. How so? Well, I saw Resident Evil, Vampire Hunter D, Nosferatu, Shadow of the Vampire, and Blade II later on tonight. YIKES! Okay, thinking about movies I feel the need to vent about the Oscars. This years Oscars couldn’t have found a way to be more racist if they tried. UHH! Oscar people whoever you are – the awards are not about color, age, personalities, experience, etc. It is about the performance, the skill. Damnnit, it’s to praise those that have left an impact on the movie world. Get off of the emotional roller coaster than you all appear to be on and let those that deserve the Oscar receive the Oscar regardless of their race, color, creed, or favorite milk.

Resident Evil – SEE IT! Just see it. You will be happy with the tension of the film. No, I did not play the game. I went in knowing nothing about the movie and walked away very happy to have spent my time in the theater

Vampire Hunter D – An entertaining Japanese Animated film. D is his name. He is half vampire, half human. His father, his father is the king of vampires — Dracula.

Nosferatu and Shadow of the Vampire – I found both films okay. Interestingly they had the same feel for tension. In Nosferatu the music and the speed of the film did an outstanding job of uncertainty – the same took place in Shadow. Which was better? Tough call. Shadow did a nice job of creating a frightening ‘method actor’ in Defoe’s character while the Nosferatu’s simplicity allowed for the viewers imagination to wonder within the set boundaries. My suggestion take 180 min of your life and watch both back to back.

Ostara. Heh, ewwww look who has risen. My only thought about today is that I’m glad I spent the morning with me mudda for breakfast. Everything else is ancillary…<- meaning -> out

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