May 1998

May 1998

Well, I don’t have anything interesting to tell you. Sorry, guess I used up all the cool/strange/ fun/ludicrous/happy : ) / looped/twisted/etc. WAIT! I didn’t use the ETC stuff yet did I? Don’t think so… Here’s goes anything. The other day I was etc. and fell down but that wasn’t the etc. part! I had two etc. near me and MAN!  O MAN can they etc.!!! It went on for etc. I tell ya! Just on and etc. and etc.! I wish they took off their etc. cause it would have been etc. to see what was etc. the etc.    Enjoy. ciao cito

Below you will find a link to various emails with the happenings during the month of May.  Enjoy…..

1 Email- Oh my! Sometimes people just say the darn’dest things. Check this outand get ready for a….. slap to the forehead. 2 Email – The ANSWER! FINNNNNNALY!!! A legitamate reason to a legitamate question.Loooooose sooocks.
3 Email- Fight-o. 4 Email – Everybody has a line in front of them. The question is “How long doesit take until one crosses that line?” It seems I crossed mine. It happens.
5 Email- Jamaican soccer players, Japanese comentators, $100, $500, and pk’s.What do they all have in common? Who knows? I just made that up to seeif you’d read the email. Did ya? Will ya? hehehe. U like? 6 Email – “I’m burrnin up burrnin up for your love. I’m burrnin up burrnin upfor your love. For your lovvvvvve.” Ok, so I typed something from Madonna.What’s wrong with that? She’s been to CALI before hasn’t she? hint hint.
7 Email- A bit of a conversation between ANNINJAPAN and I. Boys and there …….out in the open. Read it if you wanna know what goes in there. : )  It’s quite amuz-ing. 8 Email – HO JO’s!!!!!! Who’m I gonna go with? I thin kI know.. Eww Eww!!!! PickmEEE mee ! Pick me!! … and know back to our origainally scheduled program.How many pages did you say?!
9 Email- ….and then it starts again…. do these questions sounds familiar? 10 Email- A chat like email with Rille. Did I tell you about my HUGE kotatsubefore? Well I was supposed to send it, well, before the fam came over.It’s still here. Opps or not? Time will tell.
11 Email- Like sci-fi? You’ll like the title of this email. “Owwwww yeah.” That’sfrom an old tune. Can you guess it? Which way do I look? Which way do Ilook? RLR? LRL? Ann has an idea too. 12 Email- Here’s the other new soon to be AET. Ken.
13 Email- It’s White Wolf time, rather, it’s time for the HISTORICAL CAMPAIGN!!!Oh yeah! I finished the book (6/2) and look to be ready to set-up somestuff. : ) 14 Email-  This is not cool. What will the 90’s be remembered for? It seemsto me that this is going to be one of the primary things. Bummer. How sad.

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