May 1998 – email10

From: Gary Ploski
5/23/98 0:32
Subject: Re: hot and sweaty
To: ApeRille

        What happens! Happenin is it? happenen here it is. happenen happenen happenen. That’s what’s happenen.  Hmmm, I wonder if that’s a legitamate quote. I wonnder……….. that’s all. I just wonder. : )

        Howdy howdy. How goes the workin lifestyle? Sounds like you’re busy even though the summer has truly yet to begin – a good thing. Sorry for the delay. I’ve been focused on a few things here in JPN that regarding my stay/departure and have pretty much wrapped it all up. Happy days. Phewwww. Mo sugu warimashta.

        Ma is having a tough time, but enjoying it just the same. She has it made, not Shop Rite and is getting paid for the days she missed that week. A good thing it is for her. I think we are both lookin fwd to my return. I say this because I can tell she wants to be able to “talk” to someone again. We always seem to do that — it’s a cool thing. I like the juice.

        Stuff here is not quite yet wound down, though it is nearing that time. Maybe in about 1 month. Then I’ll be getting stuff into suitcases and getting ready to LUG them to the airport. The KOTATSU is going to be fun, actually, the 2 KOTATSU will be fun to get ready for shipping. I’m sending home the black kotatsu as well as the BIG one. I figured, what the hell, I bought it and there is another one here. Why not? Hahaha! Lovin it.

        Ahhhh, I’ve been in contact with one of the new Asaka AET’s. She’s on America Online, so I got to chat with her for a little bit. She had tons of questions. I was quite happy to read them as well; for Philip and I answered alllllll of them on the VIDEO! HAHA! We done’d good. *clap* Philip isn’t here so I clapped my hands together substituting mine for his. : )

        Uh, that’s about it. Looking fwd to gettin home and getting stuff organized again. I hear the extra room is a DISASTER. yeah? I’m not sure if that’s gonna be fun —- hell why not. I’ll get to see everything again. Sure it’ll be fun. Well with that I hope that your having fun at work. Hope things are going well with fam as well. have a crazy day. ciao cito

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