May 1998 – email12

            Here’s Ken! He’s at school and well, his email is quite interesting. I had to get the correct one from his school. Opps. It happens. Ken has some questions as well, though not as many. Wonder what he’ll think of the video…. hmm.

From: Ken Higa
5/24/98 7:03
Subject: Hello from a future Canadian ALT
To: me

Hi from Canada,  

        Since you all took the time to write personal letters to me, I will eventually do the same within the next two months.  For now, though, I’m using the cheapest means I know to communicate across the world. So I’ll just ask a few questions and save the deeper stuff for later.

        One immediate problem I’m having is faxing my acceptance to the office fax machine.  Is it 00-81-48- I type before the number or is it 048- only?  I know I’m typing something wrong in my fax/modem software, I just need the correct sequence/address.

        And when you define cold weather, are we talking above or below -15 Celsius?  If it’s less, Japanese winters will be easier than living in Edmonton in January (-30).  Actually, I’m planning to stuff some winterwear in my suitcases, the advantage of light, synthetic fabrics.  Especially since summer wear is light, so a week’s worth can be stuffed into a handbag.

        Also, are the kitchens well stocked with all the necessary pots and pans, and knives and graters?  Or are there some pots and cooking implements that I should bring over from Canada?  Or should I start brushing up on the Japanese cooking lessons?

        I was going to ask about if the school had any Internet access, but looking at your e-mail address answers my question.  I guess I do some shopping in Akihabara for a palmtop or a desktop.

        Well, that’s all I can think of for now, I will write to you and Philip and Liz in more detail in the next two months.

Domo Arigato (Mr. Roboto)

Ken Higa

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