May 1998 – email13

From: Gary Ploski
5/26/98 22:56
Subject: I saw something most marvelous today…
To: Brian Trusewicz

        It began with a trip to school this morning. A typical morning, hop on the bike and pedal, pedal my way toward my destination 20 some minutes away. It went as smoothly as possible; despite that creature jumping out and me and nearly poping one of my tires. “Stupid dog.” How about a quote from the past.

        I arrived with both wheels in tact – luck me. I did the class thing twice and read — some stuff I’ve been looking forward to reading. It was good reading. If I don’t say so as someoneelse. That’s right, I am presently someone else. Ewwww, the suspense. I read a bit and liked all of what I read. Learned stuff I did. Learned lots a fun stuff. The day finished at that school, and I was on my way to the next.

        I was loving the ride – it was a beautiful day, a nice breeze, the whole anshalata. I have no idea how to spell that and neither does my spell checker. How about that, ain’t technology great. Hee hee. On my merry way and what do I see? Well that would give it all away wouldn’t it! Sorrrrry. Keep readin’ dude.

        I want to tell you about one last thing… ok? O.K.  While in the second school I saw something that I hadn’t paid much attention to before — a white line. Yes indeed, a whilte line that is in the middle of the hallway. Looks kinda like a road, except there aren’t any spaces in the line and… well, there aren’t any cars cause it’s a school. Talk about strange stuff huh, ….. no cars. I mean, sheesssh! What’s this world coming to when cars aren’t allowed into school hallways. Boy-o boy.

        So I asked that the white line was for and was told… “It’s so they students walk on one side one way, and the other side is to walk in the opposite direction. Basically…. a road. I’m tellin ya! There should be cars! It would complete the Lego set! Gotta love it. I stayed there for about 2 hours then left and returned home. BUT…..

        It was during the trip to that school when I saw a very cool thing that I’ve not told you about quite yet. It was during this trip that I saw an infamous insect, at least to a few of us. I, along with the rest of a group, known to many as STARR, saw a beautiful creature that brought pain and striff into our lives. This creature…. a single butterfly.

        That my dear friend Rahotep, is what I saw today while I was riding my bike back from school today. Let me also inform you, that this was the first and only butterfly that I’ve seen here during my stay here in Japan. The book I was reading….. Mummy: Second Edition.  Irony has a way of finding a place in our long lives does it not. Soon I hope to greet you in person with news of such importance. We’ve led lives away from each other and upon our reunions we’ve always shared lots of laughs. Though, I’m not sure what adventure we will embark on next. I am confident when I say “Let’s ROCK!”

        With the deapest respect I humbly bit you a worry free day from those who haunt your daily life. Those of the worm. Be well my friend. Soon the time will come for us to join together in battle. Let us hope there will be more from STARR to join us. Have a crazy day Rahotep. Later gator. HA! Never said that one to before did I? Hahaha. ciao cito

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