May 1998 – email14

From: Gary Ploski
5/29/98 0:06
Subject: Thursday, May 28th, 1998 – A day to remember…
To: me

        Two words “I’m scared.” That’s right, I’m scared. I’ve just read and listened to things that should not be happening. The world we live in should have learned by now! It’s been 50 some years since the first time and the second time. Have people forgotten what happened to those that burned with no fire. The fire I refer to is the typical fire we would discuss. The type of ‘fire’ that burns down a house. The type of ‘fire’ that lights cigarettes. No tangible fire, but another form of fire was present.

        Fire so hot that people were jumping into the river, fire that burned out the black painted cloth that was part of a students name tag. Nothing was wrong with it…. only the name was burned away from this invisible heat, this invisible fire. To those who are unfamiliar with this lineage of thought I need only mention two more words: Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

        “I’m scared!” What the hell is going on?! Have the leader of these countries never heard of what those types of weapons can do?! I doubt that. Is proof of a countries power in its ability to “test” a nuclear weapon? Read this…

        “I am very glad we have done it,” said Raisuddin, 33, a

        butcher from the southern port city of Karachi. “It was

        the right thing to do. If we hadn’t then India would

        have invaded Pakistan.”

HUH?! If they didn’t perform a “TEST” then India would have invaded? Possible, but the question is this… “A” test? Since when did “A” become plural? 5! 5 times! 5 times in ONE DAY! AHHH! Is anyone else worried about this? I’m not going to lose sleep over this, not that I know of at least, but, uh, where will it all end? Some people in Pakistan are thinking a bit differently….

Mohammed Hayat Khan, a cook, said Pakistan could not afford the test.

        “We are a poor country. Now inflation will go up,”

        he said. “We should have been more patient and it

        is the poor people who will suffer now … It will

        not help us get enough to eat.”

The latest news that I’ve read states that  missle has been mounted with a nuclear capabilities in Pakistan. This missle has the capability to reach numerous major cities in India. Oy vey. KOWAI! CHO KOWAI! Let us all hope that the leaders of these countries realize what repercussions might occur if this escalates any further. Let us hope. with that… have a crazy day. ciao cito The quotes within are from If you want more info take a look.

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