May 1998 – email2

From: Gary Ploski
5/7/98 0:05
Subject: Sunday, bloody nichi-yobi.
To: me

        Sunday in Japan is a day off for anyone in ‘higher eduation’. The question has been, for a looooong time, “What do high school girls wear their uniform on Sunday?”  The(an) answer has been told to me by way of an old student from one of the Asaka J.H. schools! Yes the answer is in! …. tune in next year for the results. bye bye            

        Ok, so I’m bad with jokes and stuff. SO I’m a little predictable with the endings of all my emails. That’s a good thing in my opinion. The reason this is done is because the girls say that ‘guys are more willing to speak to them if they are dressed in their school uniform! This has transgressed to the point that girls that have finished H.S. and UNIVERSITY have gone out on Sunday’s wearing their H.S. uniform!

        It makes sense if you’ve seen what the girls wear for H.S. here in Japan. It definitely stands out from what everyone else wears. Yeah, it stands out, a litttttttle    b    i    t. That’s something Kaz and I have been trying to figure out for while. One last question to wonder about. haha! with all the knowledge you acquire one must think at some point – “What the hell do I do with that piece of knowledge!?” It’s only natural.  have a crazy. ciao cito

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