May 1998 – email6

From: Gary Ploski
5/22/98 23:48
Subject: Re: Hola!

        Good mornin calllliiifoooorrrnniiaaa! Does that work? Hope so. The beach, I need the beach — Oh, Y? you ask, WELL, as it is I am working INSIDE a school all day. Yes there are classes outside and stuff, but I don’t get to go to those classes often. I’ve gone maybe 3x since I’ve been here in Asaka. Weeeee!  SOOOOOO the beach the beach the beach will bring me to a fire. YEooowww!! Gotta love it. bye bye white skin, heeelllllllllloooo tan. haha. Summer of 94 all over again. Yessss.

        The coutdown is 9 weeks – almost to the day actually. Want some fun to read news? Ok good, glad to hear it — I’ll be arriving in CA on the 23th of July. I leave from Narita on, get this, the 23th of July. Love the time travel. It’s not gonna be as cool as going from Narita to NY though. If I did that I would land about 30 before I took off. Cool huh. There’s the latest news and gossip from this corner of the globe.

        OOh before I “leave” let me tell you the date of departure -  November, HA not! August, nope sorry, July 30 12:45pm. One full week. Yes I’ll be ready to do stuff on the 30th. I’ll be on a high and a low, so you better bring me up higher and take me to “higher ground” as the RHCP (red hot chili peppers) put it a while ago.

        with that. I’m bill clinton with this week gossip. : ) have a crazy day. ciao cito

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