May 2001 – 05/06/2001

Cinco de Mayo? May 5th, 1862 lots-a Mexicans stopped lots-a more o-them French peeps. After 50 years of victories – NOW that is a run!. Thanks to them, we celebrate the back to back 5’s. Yeeeeeehaaaaa~!!

Hit the scene in Norwalk last night. Oh ma’ron, talk about the overseas Abbott and Costello. I met some of Jacek’s coworkers and their friends. HOLY COW! $2000+ phone bills by the roommate that calls his girlfriend daily in Ecuador. No permission to use the dish washer or the air conditioner – they use to much energy. LOL, AND get this, $6 dollah meat balls. Paid in Full. His reaction to THE question you know your asking yourself, "We’re they good?" Without a beat, "They were good."


I was laughing waaaay harder than I should have been. This guy from Srilanka and his roommate from Trinidad were at each other in such a friendly way. The grass is green fellas. Ah man, well, the party was kosher, though some Mexican music would have added to the feel of the flavor. Ohhh yea. Instead Dave Matthews was lent to the speakers a more than the rest. Commercialsm… gotta love it. SUCKERS! <- meaning -> out

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