May 2001 – 05/11/2001

Whoa nilly! I lost my mind for a moment there. Not that it really matters any at this point in time. I mean who in their right mind sells pelicans a large land fill for 50 Pillados nowadays?! Duh Gar! 50 Pillados!?! Oh man… I need to go back to business school.

Primal Fear – one word – rentthismovienow. two words – gogetitnow getitnow. Talk about a wonderful performance by Ed Norton. Oh-my-god! And I quote "How the fuck should I know!?" You’ve got to see how he sells that line. O-me-O-me-O-my. For all of you that appreciate good acting… this is a must see.

On another note, ‘the end’ seems to be a fresh new start. This, I will admit, is refreshing in certain ways. There are plenty of aspects to my present life that need a facelift..(cough cough – my job) but that doesn’t reflect on this finely tuned machine that I’m using as my means through life. NO-sir-R-bob! Not-at-all. Enh-enh! = ) I’m okay with the way ‘the end’ is moving along. I think I’m actually, surprisingly, going to be okay. Phew! and Yea! to boot.

Work… well, let’s just say that my mom said that unless… shoot what did she say? Ah well, I guess it wasn’t THAT important. Sorry ma, I listened to the other stuff you told me about. I SWEAR. I’ll just leave it that I loathe RED TAPE. Loathe. What a nice word. Loathe, it’s a very nice word <- meaning -> out.

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