May 2001 – 05/13/2001

Okayokay okay. T’was Mom-Day today, so I spent it with… me mudda. Me mudda is be one oh dem coolio muddaz. She’s suppah fly if you kno’ wha’ ahm sayin! Ahm gotz me dem damn da best mudda dat ah cude ax fo’. Thaz right.

I know I know enough of that. I’m not even good at it. That’s okay because if you read reallllly deeply into what I just said you can figure out every tinsy tiny word.

We did the mudda and "The Kid" thing at Friendly’s. The place was rockin and people we’re swinging from the ceiling just like those ape things we call planetary cousins. After that it was a venture over to the grandmother’s residences. It was good to see Dziadz & Honey and Gram. They were all on the up and up. Thank you time for being so kind to my fam. I think the only thing to say now is… time for me go nigh-nigh. <- meaning -> out.

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