May 2001 – 05/20/2001

[[[BZZT]]]"Thank you for flying air ‘Up & Down Allot, please depart to the rear of the vehicle BEFORE the vehicle comes to a complete stop. Thank you. Please fly again. [[[BZZT]]]. I will look back on yesterday and I will feel something that only a large minority of the world population have EVER experienced. I am now of the select few.

There is no true description except to put into perspective what I felt as I looked down at the ground from 13,500 feet. NONE! But, there is a saying that can help to grasp it… "sensory overload." Thank you Steve Rafferty (my tandum professional) for the wonderful experience. He’s jumped, GET THIS, over 7,000 times. Now boys and girls, I want you to think about this number – 7,000. He started in 1988. Let’s look at the numbers…

1 year = 365 days… check

13 Years = 4745 days… {gulp – wow} check

This means that he jumped over 538.461538(461538 – repeats) times PER YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you say new profession. Uh, holy fried ants Batman™, we’re gonna need another plate. DAMNNNN! You ARE the man Steve.

Okay, with my math done I feel the need to enjoy the day… this time on the ground. I’ll ellaborate more later.

I watched the video of me jumping again. I felt the jump again. I FELT the jump again. I am in awe of myself. I WILLINGLY stepped out of an airplane into, well, the air! WILLINGLY! I went through "industrial haze" spoiler: a cloud and I watched it and then I watched the ground from a vertical position. Then I watched it horizontally with the shoot out! Oh man it was wild. I am going again. OH YES! I am going again. I’ll be working on the video – getting it online that is. I’m well past my perky hour <- meaning -> out

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