May 2001 – 05/21/2001

I saw shi-gatsu tonight and I must admit that I am in a very strange frame of mind. Can you say "WTF!?" I can, often too. I’m all sorts of in a mind funk. I just saw someone that messed me up emotionally for years and I was comfortable hanging out with her. I WAS COMFORTABLE!?! I could even throw in the word HAPPY and I wouldn’t be upset with myself.

Then I come home and I talk to ‘the end’ and I’m all sorts of messed up now. As one wheel turns another is stopped as the gears switch places. What the hell is going on?! Talk about one wild ride! I’ve never, neVer, NEVER seen a news scoop like this before. EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT GP HAS A LIFE THAT’s ALL SORTS-A MESSED UP!!!! EXTRA! EXTRA!

Anyone up for a world tour? I could use the fresh air.

Please? Anyone? Please…….? Anyone there? Anyone………….? I guess I’m all alone in this mad place. Damn this hurts. Pulling and twisting. Up and down. I’ll just leave it alone… my emotions that is. I’ll just leave them alone and figure ’em out later. DAMN CHEMICALS. GAH.

Damn this hurts & tomorrow is ONLY Tuesday. UUUUGH! <- meaning -> out

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