May 2001 – 05/24/2001

Help me Rhonda! Help help me Rhonda! Help me Rhonda! Help help me Rhonda! …….Because I can, that’s why. Friends and fun… guess what, THEY MIX! (with mad phat rhythm behind me I sing) Put em together and what’ve ya got? Hmmm, hmm, hmm, hmmm, hmmmmm. Lalalalaa…

Lost that train. After about an hour, I’ve found my way back to this line. I will call it, THE LINE THAT KEPT ME AWAY FROM TYPING ANYTHING BECUASE I WAS DOING SOMETHING ELSE ELSE!! That’s not a type-o. Geesh, get it!? It kept me awa doing something else else. Ahhhhh whateva. Wouldn’t you like to be THAT line. I know I would.

I have absolutely nothing to say that will answer any of your questions. Nah nah nah nah nah naaaaaah! Suckers! Then again, maybe this’ll help….

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Seriously though, last night was cool The awards ceremony was very nice. The best part, I thought, was when the presenter for the IEEE said, after I told everyone at the table that they were the Geeks of the geeks, "In case none of you knew, we’re the geeks on campus." Gotta love it! GEEK OF THE WORLD UNITE! The theatre/theater people are awesome. It’s like a small family. I give you all an A+ in my book. Rock on thespians! Rock on.

Me Tarzan, you Jane. <- meaning -> out

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