May 2002 – 05/01-31/2002

Missed month

Well I did it. I managed to miss one entire month of updates. WOW. Let me review:

5/3 – Spider-Man was released. Fenti and I went to the 1030 AM showing. I then found my way to the 1030 PM showing as well. Even more interestingly I made it to the 430 PM showing Sunday too. Um, what a great movie. Yes, I am a HEAVILY biased fanI know. But the historic opening weekend proved that I’m not alone with my opinions.

AOTC was released – Sadly I did not have any interest in going to the theater to see the film. I was able to save my money when someone brought over a release of the film on CDR. I’m not a proponent of this type of activity, but know this – had the film been good, I would have been at a midnight showing. To this day (early June) I have not been to the theater yet. I don’t expect to go anytime soon either.

Let’s see what else… OH, plans for the next 4 years have been set. Saving, studying, studying, and studying. That’s right, I’m going back to school. Hot digity. Happy happy happy, and one more happy. I’ve decided to go for my MFA in acting. Yes, I love it that much.

CPTV – Two experiences under the belt and more to come. After “Auction” I found out VOICE OVER actors were needed for a WWII documentary. I made the cut. I’m hoping the 3rd part will be taped soon because I had a BLAST doing the last one.

More happened, but I don’t remember at the moment. It’s been a month punk. Now I go find a field of strawberries. I’z hungry… out

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