November 2001 – 11/06/2001

Long time till February

I have been having one HELLUVA time at work recently. A roller coaster isn’t this wild. I think someone on ‘E-bay’ has the right idea:

Item # 1641798199 – If only I could hire him to go after someone other than me. = )

On the flip side of things I’m happily moving along with my html/www learning curve. CSS has become an amazingly integral part of my life. On the web. On the web numb nut. I do apologize to the 2 of you for no updates recently. I’m back to my 8-5 shift with MUCH happiness. I get out of work now and get to say hello to friends and family and chipmunks. They’re all so receptive.

I’m going to leave you with a nice non-interpretive quote:
sp4cec4pt41n: and don’t rub it raw …<- meaning -> out

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