November 2001 – 11/08/2001

Improv night

From 2 to 7. Leo drove us up in his newly acquired Mustang. I’m sorry Leo. We’ll find you another car soon enough. There is bound to be out there. Maybe an Accord, a Prelude or even a Supra ya know. Don’t worry m’man, we’re all there for you. So this thing at CCSU was all good. Doug organized it all and I say to thee in a nice soft tone for a grizzly "DAMN STRAIGHT! All good!" What was this night about? It was about getting out and having a random good time.

AND A RANDOM NIGHT IT WAS! The orgy scene in "Space Jump" where a girl felt that "if this is college I wanna go home.". It was probably the wildest of the night. After the entertainment was the foooooood. Always need food. So the 11 of us. Yea, we seemed to duplicate randomly. I think that’s the kinda of thing to expect at a University. I don’t remember — it’s been so long since I graduated. ))sigh((

I am so not able to write at the moment. Brain not feeling it tonight. Creativity fading.. fading… gone…<- meaning -> out

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