November 2001 – 11/20/2001

Joy and Pain. Pump pump pump it up. Sunshine and rain.

First for the joy. This is gleeful for those Hitchhikers of the Galaxy.

Final episode of Hitch Hiker Guide found in author’s files
THE unfinished final novel of Douglas Adams, the cult science-fiction author, has been recovered from his computer and will be published on the first anniversary of his death next May.

A Salmon of Doubt will be the sixth and final episode in the Hitch Hiker series and, though it will be edited, it will remain "unfinished".

Yea Team! He was a brilliant writer and made nearly everyone that read his work laugh. Time for one final Hoorah!

On the Painfull side of things. People continue to impress me on their stupidity. How so this time? EBAY! Go to EBAY and search for this "BRAND NEW XBOX picture FREE SHIPPING!!" or any derivative of "XBOX & PICTURE". You will find people bidding on a PICTURE OF THE XBOX! People READ THE DAMN DESCRIPTION! WTF is wrong with you?! Here is the worst of the bids I saw.

BRAND NEW XBOX picture FREE SHIPPING!! – Item # 1298463710
Someone paid $320.00 for a picture! Idiot(s).

"People are a great idea, the reality of them sucks."JC (during his Uni. days) If I smoked this would be one of those moments…<- meaning -> out

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