November 2001 – 11/30/2001

Round 4353098778b & 2/3

NVCC is amazing, Ed W kicks ass, and Monty Python destoyed thousands of TVs during the "whisper incident." Then again, strippers ‘kick’ ass too. Check it. Some dude is pissed that he was kicked in the head at a strip club and is, you guessed it – SUEING!

Club Patron Sues ‘Reckless’ Stripper
The Coquitlam man’s lawsuit also seeks damages from the dancer, identified only as “Jane Doe,” for allegedly “dancing in a negligent and reckless manner.”

As upsetting as that is, there is more that’s absurd. This is a must read:

Dwarf Sues to Overturn Dwarf-Tossing Ban
“Dwarf tossing” is a contest in which dwarfs don harnesses and allow bar patrons to hurl them through the air onto mattresses."

Insane. Funny, but insane. Looks like things are back to normal and we’re worried about the little things again. I truly seeing the turn around of the economy soon. Our heads are clearing and the fog is lifting. Regarind NVCC, I saw my rooomie’s monologue and Athos’s monologue as well as many others last night and I throughly enjoyed the experience. All did a splendid job and deserve smoe kudos for putting their "secret place" on the line for all to know about. Congrats all. YEA YOU! Work? Yea, I have to do that now. FUC’n A…<- meaning -> out

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