October 2001 – 10/02/2001

First the news, then the fun

Ok, so here’s the Strange and Fun stuff in the news. Now, before you freak, only 80 percent of the news reported is true and accurate. Make sure you remember that while reading through these stories. Which one is false? Hmm? Thought it was gonna be easy didn’t ya! Sorry sap!

Girl, 8, savaged by croc

Above: God.

Man finds human penis in bottle of fruit punch

E-Mail Celebrates Its 30th Birthday

God Angrily Clarifies ‘Don’t Kill’ Rule

Sprint PCS to Offer Phones Pinpointing 911 Callers

OK, so after spending an amazingly wonderific evening on 9/29 (sat) at the "Black Rock Castle" in Bridgeport with JC, Isa, BZ, BT, DS, SD, and FM I came home with my hoarse voice and dried out body. WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEEDED water! So instead SD and I talked till 4. Not that long considering we got home at 2:30ish. Yea fun. While at the Castle we sang, everyone sang, to America. We all sang to the USA! Damn what a powerful moment to have experienced. It was absolutely AWESOME! The Highland Rovers, the band we went to see, helped to raise over $1000 dollars in a couple hours. It was such a great evening. I want to do it again… Maybe this upcoming weekend. Hmmmm.

Okay, it’s decided! 08/28/99 – penned and/or carved in the tablet. BAM!

Nimda is pretty much gone. FINALLY! Now it’s up to Internet users to get someone to fix up their PCs so nothing like this happens again. DO IT! It’ll save you more money than you can imagine! My buddy in the Bahamas said his company lost an account — a $1,000,000 account because of NIMDA. OPPS! FUBAR!

Someone sent me this message after translating it with a binary converter. Thanks Athos, I’m just about able to make out the text…


It’s pretty freaky what one can find in BINARY! Good thing we’ve got practice decoding it. PHEW! Again, Big-A, THANK YOU. PHHHHEW. Well, it’s another month and my back is supremely mad stressed. Work is not so stable, talks of going under with nothing from the uppers isn’t helping any. Am I looking? OH YEA! Still search search searchin. The bills will be there. Damn their resilience!. Okay, it’s like 2AM and I’m writing something that means little to nothing to — OH WAIT! I finally uploaded a new site I’ve been working on

I built this for me fadda because he’s come up with one DAMN’d cool invention. Check it out y’all. Come on car gurus, you’ll like this. YOUR back won’t hurt like mine does.

I leave to fold clothes now. Sadly, I’m serious…<- meaning -> out

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