October 2001 – 10/07/2001


I’ve been waiting for something like this to find its way out to the press. Keeping my religious views to myself at the moment I think we all should really consider something here. We want to remain UNIFIED, but how? Which slogan would work better for that resolve – "United We Stand" or "God Bless America"? Think about this before you blurt out anything. Actually, read the friggin article, then say something…

School rallies to retain sign:
The ACLU says the message ‘God Bless America’ divides kids by religion and is unconstitutional.
"By displaying a religious message, the Breen Elementary School is dividing its young students along religious lines," Crosby added. "School officials are hurting and isolating their schoolchildren of minority faiths when they should be supporting them and the values of pluralism and tolerance."

Taliban Shoots at Plane
The eight were arrested in August on charges of preaching Christianity – a serious charge in this strictly Muslim country. Sixteen Afghan employees of the German-based Shelter Now International organization were also arrested.

The article continues…

"Whatever we do, we will never hand over Osama," said Hizbullah, a 16-year-old religious student in Peshawar. "If Americans attack Afghanistan, nothing would make me happier than to kill them. If I saw one after that had happened, I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment."

Talk about two totally different articles. Done? Okay, shout, shout, let it all out…<- meaning -> out


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