October 2001 – 10/09/2001

I had a GREAT day today

Exceeeeept for one thing. I deem that thing, akai no kami. I want quiet! On a flip to that emotion, I’m happy to say I’ll be playing "Nat" in "Witch on Blackbird Pond" at NVCC. Yea me! Looks like my evenings will be filled with lotsa Ed rehearsals. Heh heh. Though they may be long, they are quite fulfilling. Job number two (2) is coming about soon, though it’s going to be a Difficult/Fun/Learning road – yet again.

Now for your entertainment, three (3) COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT LINKS!

http://webpages.charter.net/svitale/tribute.html – a visual tribute to the WTC (takes a while to load)

http://www.madblast.com/oska/humor_warnings.swf – Those that drink, and those that do not will appreciate this. Oh yes, you will appreciate this.

Jedi Knights achieve official recognition as a religion
Jedi Knights have gained official recognition as a religion in the UK Census 2001.

OKAY, I’m going to grind my teeth to a sharp point now, nigh nigh…<- meaning -> out


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