October 2001 – 10/12/2001

Friday is not meant to be a vervous day – d’oh – nervous day

I’m at home (10:31 AM) and my nerves are going wild. I can’t type. I would define my hand eye coordination as non existant. I’ve had to retype words about 3, 4 or even 5 times since I started typing. Oh MAN, my nerves are, "UGH!" I can’t say EXACTLY why, but it’s work related. To those in the corporate world you’ll understand what "Friday" means when your job in is question. I’m not concerned about my job more so than my company, yea – bigger issue at hand here.


Needed to let that out. Okay… breath Gar. OK, I tried walking around a bit… not working. Ever try finding the Post Office’s number in your towns phon book. ?!!? I did, I guess I’m a NOB because I can’t find it. (after about 5 min & a phone call to the mudda) it is now found.

Just to add to the stress of the day, this makes sense…

Dummy guards US base
He said: “We believe the base is secure. There are other security devices at the gate which I can’t talk about with you.”

But within 20 minutes of The Sun contacting the base about the dummy it had been replaced by a real guard.

Ok, Why am I so stressed – nothing is happening at work. Nothing will happen at work. Everyone at work has told you everything is ok. Note to self "Gar, you’re being stupid. CHILL OUT PUNK!" Oddly I do actually feel better. Sadly time has reached the get ready for work time. Why oh why did my little dog – I don’t have a little dog. GET OUTTA Here ya majy mutt. I feel better now. bye bye. Squeeeeeeee…<- meaning -> out

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