October 2001 – 10/19/2001

Land of the FREE?

An interesting article found it’s way onto my desktop. Ok fine, I was reading the news and came across this story:

Court Rules Against SHTHPNS Plate
In its ruling, the U.S. 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a trial court’s decision in favor of the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles saying, “The state has a legitimate interest in not communicating the message that it approves of the public display of offensive scatological terms on state license plates.”

The appeal was brought by Paula Perry who had sued the Motor Vehicles Department saying she was a victim of “viewpoint discrimination” when it revoked her specially requested vanity plates that bore the shorthand version of the phrase “s–t happens.”

Perry, who owns the car with her husband, paid a $20 fee for the plates that she received from the state in July 1997.

She had the plate since 97 and nobody p!ck3d it up. H@H@H@!!!! "We live in interesting times." !’m g0!ng 2 g0 fuc w/sum ppl now…<- meaning -> out

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