October 2001 – 10/28/2001

Movie time

Been a few days since I last updated ANYTHING on the site. Why? I have absolutely no clue. Could be something to do with living a life or something. I dunno, could be wrong. OHHHH WAIT! Some things have happened. I played in the Coaches Soccer Game on Friday. FUN! I hurt my shoulder sliding into someone. = ) I don kare. AND my lags are sore. Again, I don kare. All in the name of fun. At least the team I coach beat the girls team. It was a gender battle royalle if you hadn’t guessed yet. The coaches teams were mixed. Not enough women – ))sigh((.

Today was EDGAR ALLEN POE day in the History Campaign. I must say Rahotep did a mighty fine job. Kudos Rahotep. Thanks for the game and thanks for letting the rats and heated wall from the "Pit and the Pendulum" happen to be Ramses’s story. Loved the fact that his neck was NEARLY CLEAVED!

I will have online upto date shots of my mug soon enough because I just ordered a web cam. HAHAAHAAA!!!!

On the MOVIE TOPIC, I came across a MUST SEE MOVIE for next year – Eight Legged Freaks. You can download the trailer from the Warner Brothers site for the movie. The 50’s scary monster movies fights its way back into the ring! How cool.

Also, I saw K-PAX this weekend. My opinion – people will be saying the same thing about this movie as they did about AI. It’s long, it’s slow, it’s boring. WAKE UP and read into the movie. There’s a whole lot to interpret in these films. Athos and Rahotep both enjoyed the film as well. We all liked > AI < too. If that means anything to you good. If not, then you need to see the movie(s) again. One sentence should help and it’s a retro thang – thank you Transformers – more than meets the eye…<- meaning -> out

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