OMG – Was I… sick?

Okay so I didn’t FEEL sick and I wasn’t coughing and/or sneezing either. Also, at the gym last night I experienced a head rush and felt very weak. So was I sick? I dunno, but I do know that I’m not now. = )

Happily after a night away from EVERYONE – except Maria. She was overly Mom like last night actually. It was quite funny. While I was reading she kept asking me if she could do things for me.

Maria – Would you like me to make you a wrap for tomorrow?
Me – LOL What am I feeble now? LOL
Maria – No (laughing). You just look tired so I thought I’d offer. Also you’re never this tired or sick like so I wanted to offer. You offered for me…
Me – (still laughing) Yea, because you were curled up in a ball sneezing, coughing – basically unable to move.
Maria – But I’m like that often so I wanted to offer since…
Me – Thank you for the offer but I’m just resting. I’ll make my wrap later. Thank you for offering though. (smiling)

Hmm… Thinking about it. I should do that more often. 0=) Bwaaahahahahaha.

Since I was in bed so early I was well rested. I even got to sleep before 12:30! Sadly I wasn’t so tired that I could fall asleep reading, but I did turn off all the lights at 12. I slept in a BIG WAY! REM, REM, and more REM was in my head. HOOOOHA! One of the dreams I had was really freaky AND I remembered it. Give it a read…

I was on a bike with someone at the end of exit 23 on Rt 84 in Waterbury trying to go to my mom’s place. Suddenly some odd accident happened because of some dude on a bike. Everyone was yelling at him. I just chilled out and waited along with my (unknown face) friend since there really wasn’t anything we could do. After a few moments everything quieted down. The dude starts his bike and turns it around to face the exit. He revs it up and then enters the highway going the wrong way. I yelled out something like ‘wtf mate’ or ‘thanks yo’ with a small bite of sarcasm as he cruised by. A moment later traffic began to move again so my friend and I started on our way to mudda’s.

We had literally just gotten off the exit when I noticed the dude ZOOM past me. I guess he turned around and felt the need to hurry again. Realizing the futility of it all I paid no attention to him. Oddly, about 1/8 of a mile later I looked right and saw his bike in front of a liquor store and then I saw him standing in the doorway. On his face was a bandana covering all but his eyes. His arm then extended with a gun in his hand aiming in my general direction. I could hear him clearly. Almost as though he were in my head. He said “I’ll kill someone for the helluvit. Yea, just because I can. You!” I didn’t hear a bang or at all. But I remember thinking “Now? No not now!” Then I thought should I lean forward to avoid the bullet or back?

What a strange feeling. I woke up thinking… “Forward or backward? Forward or backward? Forward or backward?’

Alright, it’s time to work for a living. Out.

03-03-2004 11:58 am

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