On Set – Time’s Up

This is what it looked like to me on set.

I was lucky to be given unedited footage of my performance in the short “Time’s Up”. In the clip below you can see and hear what took place on set before the magic of editing took place.

An actor may deliver a line the exact same way in a number of takes but, may do something slightly different with their body each time. Or they may change their delivery but remain in the exact same position. Either may or may not be helpful to the editor and director once everything is wrapped aka in the can. There is no right way, so, if you’re an actor, take some time to speak with your director about it before you’re on set.

You’ll see I was already “in character” as the director, assistant director, and other people prepped the take – Apple 5 Eddie take 1.

Through the scene you’ll hear another voice speaking to me, Dr. Tessler. I was fortunate to have the other actor to play off of during the scene. This is not always the case.

At around the 3 minute mark you’ll hear another voice, the director, suggesting ideas for me to play with as the camera continues to roll. Near the end you will hear “And cut.” immediately followed by claps and laughter.

This may seem strange but it was a good thing. The scene is supposed to be funny even though my character is, and I was, an emotional wreck.

This is where the magic of editing comes in. =)

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be on a movie set? Post your thoughts below.

Unedited clip of me on set


Time’s Up

My scene takes place between 3:10 and 5:07.


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