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Thinking ahead of tomorrow, I called a good friend-o-mine: Alice. She’s going to aid me in my time of peril. Hahaha. Peril is defined as: where the hell’s m’I gonna leave my car while I’m in FL!? Alice?! Alice?! Who the fuc is Alice?! So we caught up with each other since we haven’t spoken in some time.

We talked first of laptops and the technology involved. She wants one I think. = ) Hehehe. She told me of hardships she’s been going through and I shared some of my own. Alice, as some of you may know rocks. We moved to the topic of music thanks to our conversation topics.

I mentioned that Dream Theater has a new CD out. This peaked her interest. She mentioned a group to me… The Great Big Sea. I pondered for a few moments and then said… ‘Nope… no bells.’ She chuckled because I really thought about whether I knew the name or not. She started searching her brain juices for a song title for me. “You need to read these lyrics Gar. Seriously. Damn, what’s the name of that song!? UGH”

Some time later she FINALLY remembered… with a little help from me and GOOGLE. For me… I thank the author of this song – Alan Doyle. I’m not the best poet. Pff, I’m pretty miserable in my opinion. Regardless, this gent has been where I am before.

Artist: Great Big Sea
Album: Up
Song: Fast As I Can

From the first hello you gave to me
I’ve done nothing else but smile
And I know you’re in a hurry
but its gonna take a while.
So forgive me if we go slow,
but there’s something I think you should know…

I’m goin fast as I can, please don’t make me rush
this feeling’s coming on way too fast
I’ll tell you all of the things that you’ll never forget
But I’m not ready say, “I love you” yet
I’m not ready to say “I love you” yet.

Don’t push me in too deep,
I’ve always been the fool who rushes in.
You’ve got to take the pieces one-by-one before you’ve got everything.
So forgive me if we take time, but there’s something that’s been on my mind…br>

Oh! There’ll be times when I’m mistaken
there’ll be times when we’re gonna fight
but you needn’t doubt we can work it out
and in time we’ll make it right.
So forgive me if we go slow but there’s something I think you should know…

Chorus x 2

I’ve listened to that song about five (5) times already this evening. We all love music that touches us inside and causes a stir. Music that sends shivers through our body and sits us back in our chair or on own bed because of our connection. This song… I wish I could explain how I feel listening to it. If I could, I would be that poet. So, I’ll let it speak for me.

11-17-2003 11:05 pm

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