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If only it were that simple. Deposit 25¢ and get a boost of energy. Lately I’ve noticed that other grad student have been very lethargic. Many have even commented that they were glad to hear someone else say “I’m so tired and it seems like everyone else is.”

What is going on?

In a wonder state of affairs I learned that a ‘whole lot of people’ are sick. Jumpin joys of Golgatha! So the sitrep is this:

    1 – A large number of students (grad & under-grad) are tired
    2 – People are getting sick
    3 – An enormous amount of energy has been spent by emma and I on a topic we have no present opportunity to address.


The other night, before the Pink Panther, emma’s mum, emma, and I met in the city for dinner. For the first 20 minutes we talked and talked and talked about a topic that appears to have been left on a road side somewhere in CT. We are very much ready to have a few conversations but… Well, schedules have finally buried us in the sands here in NY. Whoohoo!

Side-Step… War Music is going to rock! The rehearsal process has already begun even though the show doesn’t open until the last week of April. Yup, count em, 1, 2, 3, …12. We’ll be working on this lil piece for a good 12 weeks with weekly rehearsals from 130-530 on Saturday and for about 3 hours during the week. I can honestly say this is the most excited I’ve been about a piece since I started performing at SLC. I enjoyed many of the shows but this… Oh yea! Hella-excited about it. Seven actors. Greeks Vs. Trojans. Absolute minimal set. Chorus like style with individuals standing out at key points. HOO-RAH! This is what theater is about.

Ahh, joy fun stuff.

Back to the icky icky, at some point before the semester ends I hope to find a way to release the hold up in my body. It feels as though my upper body is stuck. The best way to describe it is to compare it to the kind of back pain that limits someone when they can move but only with slow, precise steps. The curious thing is why my back doesn’t hurt at all. If pushed OH WOW I’ll yelp but on it’s own there’s no pain.

A lil shuffle arrived in Alaska today and I rode 5 miles in 20 minutes on a bike at the gym with the highest resistance to which Kristy said “How are you even doing that?” Referring to the speed/resistance combo. Soccer takes the credit there. Brah brah brah… Come on shuffle. Hurry on down to NY won’cha.

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