Pre-Sleep Thought

A couple days ago I was in bed trying to fall asleep. While I lay there I had a thought run through my mind. I thought ‘just think it over and over and over. It’ll be easy to remember it in the am.’

That’s what I thought. I realized this morning at The Lake House with my fam that I didn’t remember what I was thinking. I felt sad and wondered what it was that I began to think about the other night. I wished I had finally done something about my pre-sleep thoughts damn it. UGH!

Then it hit me… I DID WRITE IT DOWN! AWESOME! I knew I’d look at it and remember RIGHT away. Interestingly I only looked at it just now at 12:05ish AM. I’ve been home since 8pm. This was quite odd. Though food, unpacking, Buffy, and an assortment of other things occupied my time earlier.

Well, in hopes of being brief I thought I’d simply write out what I had penned at some unknown hour of the eve/day. So here is the thought that had me sad and happy the other night…

If I shed a tear for all our happy memories
I’d cry all day and night with thoughts of her

To be honest I had to finish up what I wrote because it was SLEEP thinking and couldn’t get my brain to finish the thought. So yes I added ‘with thoughts of her’ because I couldn’t stop thinking about the first line. Also, I wrote in the dark so I had no IDEA what I was writing.

I think all my mind was trying to tell me was that I have had wonderful memories with someone and that I cherish those times regardless of anything that has or will happen. = )

Right, so now it’s time to get back into the land of Z’s. Maybe there’s a special and I’ll get a 12 hour sleep for the price of a 7 hour sleep. Hmm. Now that WOULD be cool. W3rd. Oyasumi.

04-12-2004 12:23 am

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