Pressure in the Head

Pressure in mah head caused a few things today:

1 – I slept awful
2 – I woke up late
3 – I left late
4 – I got a parking ticket
5 – I dropped the ticket & check in the mailbox at the Post Office to “save” $15 off the normal fee – $40 6 – I got to work after 930
7 – I’m now writing about it

Yesterday made my life here at SLC QUITE interesting. Both senior people (Jenn and Mike) will not be here. Jenn already gone and Mike soon to follow – 1 month.

This means? This means I’ll hopefully get Mike’s job and we’ll find someone for Jenn’s position ASAP. Should I get Mike’s job I’ll have MUCH more to do here at work so I smile. Though I don’t know how easy it’s going to be to take time off which sucks because I do have lots of friends/family, and possible a particular persNONE coming to visit. Fingers crossed.

Singing that note I found myself very sad over the past few days. I’m not surprised by the feeling of course. And I do understand why I feel it too. Looking at things in my apartment makes it rough. Gah… I’m kind of at a loss for words this AM so I stop now.

Look up in the sky, it’s a bird – yup.
It’s a plane – yup.
It’s the sun!

06-02-2004 09:55 am

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