Reaching the Blase Finish Line

Two friggin things are Official. Get your attention?

One – I will be taking on a new role at SLC effective July 1 – Happy BDay me! Otanjobi omedeto! Well pre-happy celebration time.

2 – I finished Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix. All 8 hundred and 70 pages. Did it need to be 870 pages to fit all the nitty gritty story arcs into this saga… mother of god NO!

Why was this book so long? Well, the fact that Harry thought the same things time and time again from almost the start of the book all the way through to the end. I (the reader) was reminded of events that had taken place not 10 pages sooner.

Yes, I know this book was written for children, but come off it. The book should have been trimmed down. Sorry, not trimmed, DICED. A child isn’t going to read this book like they read the first three. They were fast, to the point, and entertaining. The fourth was a little bit long and could have used some trimming, but on the whole the story carried through the entire book.

So what I’m saying is, I was disappointed with the book. OH! The death. Honestly it didn’t surprise me at all and I didn’t feel any loss for the death. Had I not read one page in the book I’d have missed the death I think. Of course it’s talked about for a sometime but the scene itself was so brief as… Actually, I indicated to someone that it would have to be quick or it would be a true death. I say this, because death in a book that happens in a hospital or elsewhere isn’t exciting or shocking. They’re boring, so this death made sense I guess… In the fashion that it took place.

On another note. SILENCE is frustrating. = O

I’m getting very tired of others having a problem with something and instead of saying something about it let it fester within for… ever, or until they feel okay to say something. This isn’t fair to others involved. Just because YOU know what’s going on doesn’t mean that it’s your right to keep them out of the loop. This goes for all you XX’s and XY’s out there. If there is something on your mind do one of two things.

1 – let it go or
2 – discuss it

Am I pointing my finger at anyone you ask? Honestly I don’t think I need to answer that question but I will. No. There are too many people doing this daily. I’m not going to point the finger at anyone in particular.

06-08-2004 10:40 am

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