Reflecting on Equus

Over the past two months I have had the honor of participating in Equus at NVCC. From the beginning I honestly knew this play would be amazing. But, I didn’t realize how amazing it would become. And I have one person to thank for this fortune – Ed Wierzbicki.

I received a call and an email from him asking if I’d known about the auditions because he had hoped to see me there. I had just returned from a two week vacation and hadn’t thought about auditioning because of the distance from NY to NVCC.

Long story short, we just finished the most amazing prodcution of Equus and I feel so blessed, fortunate, lucky, etc. to have been a part of the cast. To you the cast thank you for your patience with me and my long drive as well as my quirks.

To you the audience member, thank you for sharing with us a most fabulous show. And to you, Ed, thank you for all your kind words and motivation over the past few years. I respect you more than I can possibly say with words.

Thank you all. Thank you.

11-09-2003 11:33 pm

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