I forgot to mention in my “RINGY DINGY DINGY” post! DUH me… I had AND remembered a drem last night, er, this morning… yea.

My cousins Keith and Jeff (the names of the people in this story have not been changed as I never REALLY had this conversation with them.)were over at my mom’s place. Jeff (my age) was upset with Keith for cooking… hahaha, get this, waffles. Apparantly Keith wanted me to put butter on the waffles before they were cooked. Keith isn’t feeble, he was just much younger in this dream while Jeff and I were probably 12ish.

So Keith said I like it that way — insert brother fight here. They fought until Jeff screamed at Keith. I jumped in saying something like ‘yo! be quiet, your mom is asleep in the other room. don’t wake her up.’ Jeff said to me something to the effect of ‘he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Now since Jeff is the older of the two he should have a vaild point, but my dream self disagreed with him.

Keith had gone mute at this part of the dream. – lol, this is pretty funny that my dream was about waffles and how to butter em, back to the dream – I said ‘Jeff, he likes it this way. you don’t. that’s fine. if he wants to have it cooked this way let him. if you like it your way, have it your way. it’s food. everyone likes their food the way they like it. stop telling him how to cook his food.’

The dialog then went back and forth:

but it makes more sense to…



jeff why is your way better?

because it’s easier to…

for you. you mean. you like to do it that way. is it easier for him? can you tell him what is easier for him? it’s his choice.

(silence from him)

Jeff… you’re forcing your views, your beliefs on him.

but it’s easier!

for you. dude, he has his way, you have your way. stop forcing your ideas, thoughts, etc on him. let him deal with it the way he wants. if it’s harder for him, so be it, it’s his choice.

We all stood there in silence for a couple min until the waffles were done. Keith took the food and ate. Jeff was silent and wouldn’t look at me. I just waited to see when he’s speak to me again. I woke up though so I’m not sure if he did. =

Ahhh dreams. For me, so simple to interpret. At least this one was. —– Rock, time for a movie now that I’ve eaten and had some LOVELY milk. Mmm mmm good.

11-16-2003 01:57 pm

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